Thursday’s Headlines Are Always at Your Back

  • Senate Democrats are considering taxes on carbon and truck mileage to pay for infrastructure. (Politico)
  • Road and transit maintenance projects create more jobs than building new highways. (Transportation for America)
  • In an interview with Slate, Amtrak CEO William J. Flynn says more frequent service between growing areas that are too close to fly between  —  like Atlanta and Nashville — would be a big hit, but he won’t cut money-losing routes to pay for it because so many places are reliant on them.
  • Curbside bus lanes are too easy to block, and not even cameras seem to work. (Reorientations)
  • While it’s not specifically about transportation, a Washington Post editorial about overreliance on police reminded us that much of the police violence against African Americans starts with a traffic stop.
  • Former NBA player Shawn Bradley was left paralyzed when a driver hit him while he was riding his bike near his Utah home in January. A Wednesday announcement by the Dallas Mavericks said he plans to become an advocate for bike safety. (ESPN)
  • Massachusetts’ congressional delegation blasted the state’s transit agency for cutting service despite receiving federal aid. (Boston Globe)
  • Bills to lower penalties for fare evasion and put unarmed safety officials on trains to assist the homeless have bipartisan support in Minnesota. (Star Tribune)
  • Houston residents are working with the city government to create pop-up bike lanes where the official ones dead-end. (Chronicle)
  • Charleston activists are pushing even harder for safer streets after learning that South Carolina is fourth in the nation for pedestrian deaths. (Post and Courier)
  • A Virginia bill allowing speed limits as low as 15 miles per hour would save lives. (Mercury)
  • E-scooters are back in Birmingham with new regulations. (Bham Now)
  • Anchorage mayoral candidates weigh in on transportation. (Daily News)
  • The small Georgia town of Valdosta is finally starting a transit service, 20 years after it became eligible for federal funds. (Daily Times)
  • Streetcars have been part of Tampa’s identity for more than 120 years. (Fox 13)


From Denver: Dems Discuss Funding Woes; Biden Says “Amtrak”

Last night saw what might one day qualify as an historic moment in transportation circles, as vice presidential candidate Joe Biden used the "A"-word during his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. From a transcript of Biden’s address, via CNN: You know, John McCain is my friend. And I know you hear that […]

GOP Proposal to Privatize the Northeast Corridor Meets Resistance

House Republicans, led by Transportation Committee leaders John Mica (R-FL) and Bill Schuster (R-PA), have a plan to take the Northeast Corridor out of Amtrak’s control and privatize it. They’ve long called Amtrak a “Soviet-style operation” that loses money. Mica said that ridership of the NEC hasn’t changed since 1977, the year after Amtrak took […]