Thursday’s Headlines Coming Around the Home Stretch

  • President-elect Joe Biden’s transportation plans include investing $1.3 trillion in infrastructure, zero-emissions public transit for cities, funding for Amtrak and high-speed rail, rejoining the Paris agreement, installing electric vehicle chargers and cutting airplane emissions. (USA Today)
  • L.A. Metro CEO Phil Washington is leading Joe Biden’s transition team for transportation. Washington is credited with leading an ambitious rail-building effort. (Los Angeles Times)
  • A new study in the Journal of the American Planning Association found that traditional street grids reduce dependence on cars and car ownership. Read author Geoff Boing’s Twitter thread for the Cliff’s Notes version.
  • E-scooters and e-bikes drove a 62-percent increase in micromobility trips between 2018 and 2019. (Green Car Congress)
  • Wall Street doesn’t think the bike boom will outlast the pandemic. Bike-related stocks were down after Pfizer announced that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available soon. (Bicycle Retailer)
  • Walmart and GM subsidiary Cruise are testing autonomous delivery vehicles in Arizona. (The Verge)
  • New York Magazine talks to Lyft president John Zimmer about the ride-hailing industry’s Prop 22 victory in California.
  • Labor, businesses and environmental groups are lobbying against Boston transit cuts under the slogan “transit is essential.” (StreetsblogMASS)
  • Midtown Atlanta’s street grid makes it relatively easy to navigate for the visually impaired, but uneven sidewalks and construction zones sometimes present challenges. (Midtown Alliance)
  • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he will soon unveil details of a Vision Zero plan to eliminate traffic deaths by 2030. (The Texan)
  • Alberta is Canada’s oil capital and home of the world’s largest parking lot, and it eliminated minimum parking requirements in June with great success. (Strong Towns)
  • Spain just dropped the speed limit on residential roads to 18 mph! (Dirección General de Tráfico)
  • Hey, home chefs, we’re just throwing this out there, but San Francisco is banning gas stoves in all new apartments. (Bloomberg)