Wednesday’s Headlines From Around the Nation

  • Just as Streetsblog predicted, the $25 billion in the CARES Act to prop up transit systems isn’t enough (Transportation for America). New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the subway, buses and two light rail lines, is still facing an $8.5 billion shortfall even after a $3.8 billion federal bailout (NY Times).
  • Almost 100 U.S. transit workers have died of COVID-19, mostly in New York but also in other major cities. Few have been given masks or other protective gear. (The Guardian)
  • Lack of demand for fuel during the coronavirus pandemic has caused a glut that briefly sent oil prices spiraling into negative territory. (Reuters)
  • Contrary to popular belief, density doesn’t really contribute much to the spread of COVID-19. The biggest factor in how many cases a place has is how early the virus arrived there. (Scientific American)
  • It might seem scary with the economy in the tank, but now is a good time for cities and states to take on debt for infrastructure projects. (Commonwealth)
  • Dallas’ infrequent bus service and light-rail system that’s focused on downtown make it difficult for workers without cars, especially those in low-income neighborhoods, to get to jobs in the booming suburbs. (Texas Observer)
  • Why is Detroit’s public transit so bad? The city rejected a subway plan and ripped up its streetcar lines. The feds cut funding for the People Mover. And the suburbs repeatedly rejected tax proposals to fund regional transit. (Curbed)
  • Las Vegas awarded a $1.5 million contract to an Australian company that uses AI to enforce parking and traffic laws. (Smart Cities World)
  • Explore Bike Share in Memphis is free for the next month. (MSN)
  • Spokane just bought 10 electric buses for its first bus rapid transit line. (OPB)
  • The U.K. is letting local governments fast-track road closures during the coronavirus crisis so walkers and bikers can practice social distancing. (Forbes)


Today’s Headlines

House Democrats are eyeing a $450 billion price tag for their federal transportation bill but haven’t solved the revenue puzzle (WSJ) Obama administration’s new climate change report says transportation will affect the warming planet … but the warming planet also will affect transportation (NYT) Local transit agencies cheer the war spending bill for allowing them […]

Today’s Headlines

The Senate jobs bill, if it passes by March 1, could give states a temporary reprieve from last year’s rescission of $8.7 billion in transportation funding (JOC) A closer look at the conservative opposition to Florida Gov. Crist’s support for commuter rail (Ledger) A rallying cry for the Washington D.C. region to commit to its […]