Monday’s Headlines

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  • How can we get people out of their cars? Treehugger has solutions that seem like common sense: Raise awareness of the full cost of parking, and make it harder to drive while making other forms of transportation easier.
  • The explosion of next-day delivery is breaking cities, and Fast Company has some solutions, such as combining packages from various delivery services so only one truck visits each building, or delivering packages to universal lockers rather than doorsteps.
  • A Manhattan judge has thrown out New York City’s “cruising cap” limiting the amount of time Uber and Lyft drivers can roam around without passengers. (NY Daily News)
  • Lyft says it has identified the cause of battery fires that forced it to pull e-bikes out of the Bay Area earlier this year. The company plans to reintroduce 4,000 e-bikes between now and April. (Tech Crunch)
  • Lime is pulling e-bikes from Seattle at the end of the year, but will bring them back along with e-scooters in the spring. (KOMO)
  • Uber is building a new test site for self-driving cars on 600 acres near Pittsburgh. (Business Insider)
  • Transforming the aging stretch of I-84 that slices through Hartford into a surface boulevard could also transform the city itself. (City Lab)
  • The Zyp bike-share program proved there’s a market for micromobility in Birmingham, but it ends Tuesday. What’s next? (Alabama Newscenter)
  • Streetcar rides in Oklahoma City (Fox 25) and Tucson (Arizona Daily Star) are free on New Year’s Eve.
  • A “ghost bike” comforts the family of David Loya, a 23-year-old Houston cyclist who was killed by a driver in March and mourned across the country. (Chronicle)
  • With French transit workers on strike, Parisians are taking to bikes, e-scooters and their own two feet. (The Guardian)
  • Looking to buy an e-bike? Here are all of Electrek’s reviews.