Thursday’s Headlines

  • With Uber and Lyft’s prices spiking as they try to wean themselves off venture capitalists’ subsidies, some former ride-hailers are turning to cheaper bikes and scooters to get around. (TIME)
  • Indianapolis is famous for a car race, and less than 1 percent of workers commute by transit. But next month, its first bus rapid transit line will open — the beginning of a 62-mile BRT network that could transform the city at a cost of just $500 million. (City Lab)
  • High school and college students in Phoenix — many of whom use transit to get to school — are widely opposed to Prop 105, which would halt light-rail expansion. (Northeast Valley News)
  • San Francisco drivers have already killed as many people — 23 — in 2019 as they did in all of 2018. (SF Weekly)
  • Cincinnati’s streets are designed to encourage drivers to speed — one reason why a homeowner says his house has been hit 34 times. (WCPO)
  • The Washington Post tried one of D.C.’s 400 new electric mopeds.
  • Detroit’s QLine streetcar now uses the same payment system as city and regional buses. (Detroit News)
  • Milwaukee’s JobLine — a bus that takes city-dwelling workers to the suburbs, where there’s a surplus of jobs — is shutting down Saturday. (WUWM)
  • Downtown Las Vegas’ bike-share program is going electric. (Review-Journal)
  • A month after pledging $1.3 billion for the Montreal subway, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed to spend $1.2 billion upgrading Quebec City’s transit system. (Red Deer Advocate)
  • Uber, which lost $5.2 billion last quarter, is cutting its $200,000 annual balloon budget. Was the house from “Up” the inspiration for the flying car they’re working on? (SFGate)

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