Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Lyft’s courtroom victory making it the sole bike-share provider in San Francisco is also a big win for the company in its war with Uber. (Business Insider)
  • A scooter skeptic has seen the light. (Washington Post)
  • The ride-hailing bubble is about to burst, part infinity. (National Review)
  • Parking in Los Angeles is a blood sport, but that’s not because the city doesn’t have enough parking — it’s because it has too much. (LAist)
  • Citi Bike announces a massive, but slow, expansion in New York City (Streetsblog)
  • Philadelphia’s third two-way cycle track is its most promising yet. (Philly Mag)
  • Arlington, Va. is committed to low-stress bike routes, but the results on the ground are a mixed bag. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • Drivers are allowed to park in some Raleigh, N.C. bike lanes, making the incomplete network even less effective. (CBS 17)
  • A temporary shuttle is bridging a light-rail gap in Baltimore caused by a sinkhole that forced six stations to close. (Baltimore Sun)
  • Even the tiny California town of Nevada City has realized the folly of cheap parking. (City Lab)
  • Former world champion boxer Pernell Whitaker was killed by a driver Sunday night in Virginia Beach while trying to cross a busy eight-lane road on foot. The driver has not been charged. (Virginian-Pilot)
  • The “Milwaukee Slide” isn’t a popular wedding dance — it’s when a driver uses a bike lane to pass another car. Stick with the Macarena, please. (Journal Sentinel)

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