Friday’s Headlines

  • President Trump claimed he walked out on infrastructure talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer because House Democrats are investigating him. The real reason was that he finally figured out spending $2 trillion on infrastructure is a non-starter in the Republican-controlled Senate. (Slate)
  • New reports from the World Resources Institute offer transit agencies a roadmap for electrifying their fleets — a quick and simple way to fight climate change. (Curbed)
  • Simple signage can help integrate e-scooters into city streets. (Mobility Lab)
  • Vision Zero isn’t working in Washington, D.C., where drivers have killed 10 people so far this year. The city’s goal is zero traffic deaths by 2024 (WUSA). Maybe Cincinnati, which is rolling out its own Vision Zero initiative, will fare better (City Beat).
  • Nashville’s transit agency, WeGo, is proposed cuts to two dozen bus routes and a fare hike in response to a projected $8.7-million shortfall (Nashville Public Radio). Gee, if only there were some sort of tax people could vote on that would fund transit.
  • Milwaukee council members halted funding for a streetcar expansion, meaning it won’t be done in time for next summer’s Democratic National Convention. (Fox 6)
  • Berkeley, Calif., is preparing for a transit-oriented future by seeking a developer to build housing on parking lots surrounding a train station. (Next City)
  • Some officials are balking at the $1-billion cost for two tunnels along the planned West Seattle and Ballard light rail lines. (Daily Herald)
  • The National Transportation Safety Board is blaming Sound Transit’s lack of training and safety equipment for a 2017 Amtrak derailment in Seattle. (Seattle Transit Blog)
  • Charlotte is cracking down on drivers who drive or park in bike lanes. (WBTV)
  • So, apparently Tesla is actually a software company. Insert eyeroll emoji here. (Forbes)

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  1. It’s generous to say that Berkeley is preparing for the future by building that TOD…They are being dragged kicking and screaming as they are only doing so because the state passed AB2923 to override local zoning there by BART 🙂

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