Thursday’s Headlines

  • Grist has a must-read story about how I-980 destroyed the black neighborhood of West Oakland and why the city now wants to replace it with parks and affordable housing. Though it’s not so simple as that!
  • Turns out, paint is not a force field (as Streetsblog previously reported). Australian researchers discovered that drivers pass cyclists more closely when they’re in painted bike lanes than when there are no bike lanes. The study highlights the need for physical barriers between bikes and cars. (Philadelphia Inquirer, Treehugger, Forbes)
  • Thanks to Ohio’s new, higher gas tax — which provided a pittance for transit — a freeway interchange in Columbus that lacked funding will be rebuilt. (WOSU)
  • The Arizona Republic outlines the stakes for an August referendum on light rail in Phoenix.
  • Drivers have killed 10 people in San Francisco already this year, and city officials are promising a “quick build strategy” for Vision Zero safety projects. (KTVU)
  • The Boston Globe endorses Cambridge’s new law mandating protected bike lanes anytime a road is reconstructed.
  • Minneapolis has made the wise decision to raise parking rates and lower the maximum parking time. (KSTP)
  • Sound Transit in Seattle is subsidizing Via shuttles to take people to light-rail stations. (Seattle Times)
  • Raleigh, N.C.’s busy Oberlin Road is going on a diet, with protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks and bus stop islands added. (WTVD)
  • A new app lets users find nearby scooters from any company. (Lifehacker)

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