Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Uber drivers in Los Angeles are considering going on strike after the company — valued at $120 billion — cut their per-mile pay by 25 percent (Gizmodo). Maybe other states should follow the lead of Connecticut, where a bill would guarantee Uber and Lyft drivers 75 percent of the fees charged to passengers (Mirror).
  • Vision Zero is something that’s usually implemented by cities, but carmaker Volvo has its own plan to eliminate traffic deaths: cameras and sensors in vehicles that will monitor whether drivers are distracted or intoxicated. Great idea, or too Big-Brother-y? (Smart Cities Dive)
  • It looks like New York City’s long attempt to institute congestion pricing will actually happen. Here’s the coverage from our StreetsblogNYC colleagues, plus the NY Times.
  • Cyclists are calling on New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to veto a bill requiring drivers to stay five feet away when passing because an amendment also prohibits cyclists from using traffic lanes when a bike lane or path is available. (Albuquerque Journal)
  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says his 18-cent gas tax hike would save lives, but the state Senate cut it to 6 cents (Fox 8). The Senate’s version also cut transit funding from $100 million to $55 million (Cleveland Scene).
  • Cycling advocates are pressing New Orleans to crack down on drivers who park in bike lanes. One councilman wants to raise the fine from $40 to $300. (Times-Picayune)
  • A hit-and-run driver killed a man on a bike in Oklahoma City last week on a street that planners had already identified as needing safety upgrades. (Oklahoman)
  • Even if the Gwinnett County transit referendum had passed, the Atlanta suburb’s congressman, Rob Woodall, says it’s unlikely the federal government would have funded heavy rail because there’s “little appetite” in D.C. for projects that take so long to build. (Daily Post)
  • The Jacksonville Times-Union endorses the demolition of a highway ramp on the downtown waterfront.
  • The Nebraska Bicycling Alliance is expanding its advocacy to include pedestrians and is now Bike Walk Nebraska. (Omaha World-Herald)
  • And finally, why rent a scooter when you can ride your luggage? (WGBH)

2 thoughts on Tuesday’s Headlines

  1. Volvo should consider redesigning their infotainment and HVAC systems. That touchscreen to do everything lacks any tactile feel, and requires the driver to take eyes off the street. Super dangerous. A knob is easier to manipulate without looking.

  2. “Tim Rogers, a longtime biking advocate and planner who
    created the Santa Fe Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan, said side paths
    create conflicts between cyclists and motorists as drivers turn on or
    off a road and must cross a path.“It’s actually very dangerous,” Rogers said. He also said it’s difficult for motorists to “anticipate” a cyclist on a side path.
    “In the extensive professional and academic literature on the design of
    bicycle facilities, the single most firmly established conclusion is
    that such a separated path alongside a road is the most dangerous
    possible design,” Jim Harrington, a former member of the Santa Fe
    Bicycle and Trails Advisory Committee, wrote in a letter to the editor
    sent to the Journal.” New Mexico along with Michigan- ignored the laws in 28 other states mandating 3′ of separation (which can allow a car to pass a bicyclist in a standard width lane without crossing the double yellow). They went with 5′, which precludes that. NM then saddled bicyclists with mandatory sidepath use if one exists, no matter what shape it’s in.

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