Thursday’s Headlines

  • Transit advocates are criticizing President Trump’s proposed budget for cutting transportation funding and failing to take advantage of an opportunity for infrastructure investment (Smart Cities Dive). Meanwhile, Trump’s Federal Transit Administration continues to allow projects to languish by refusing to disburse the funds it does have (Streetsblog).
  • Most Streetsblog readers probably don’t agree with Trump on much, but can empathize with his fear of self-driving cars. As Vox explains, new modes of transportation always make people anxious.
  • Even Mayor Jim Kenney admits Philadelphia’s streets “suck,” but he says the city is making progress on safety and is speeding up construction of separated bike lanes. (PlanPhilly)
  • Unlike the other 46 states, laws in Virginia, Maryland, Alabama and North Carolina make it all but impossible for a pedestrian who’s hit by a car to prove the driver was negligent. (Mobility Lab)
  • Ridership on the Milwaukee streetcar fell sharply in January from its first two months of operation. Numbers from February and March are unknown because of a glitch in the counting system. (Journal Sentinel)
  • San Francisco is the third-most congested city in the U.S., and half the increase in traffic from 2010 to 2016 is attributed to Uber and Lyft. (Marina Times)
  • Oregon is the only state without a law regulating ride-hailing services, and legislators aim to change that this year. But they’re sharply divided between eliminating local rules and allowing cities to add extra requirements. (OPB)
  • As it revamps the Little Rock bus system, Rock Region Metro faces an age-old conundrum: Try to cover the largest area, or focus on the routes where the most riders are? (Democrat-Gazette) The agency is also hoping for more federal funding. (KUAR)
  • Biking is catching on in Maui, despite Hawaii being ranked one of the worst states for cyclists. (Maui News)
  • Portland’s Metropolitan Area Express light- rail system, explained. (KOIN)
  • The Toledo (Ohio) Blade editorial board gets right to the point: Fix the dang sidewalks.

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