Thursday’s Headlines

  • People on bikes died in record numbers in 2016, according to a new League of American Bicyclists report, and pedestrians and cyclists are a growing portion of all traffic deaths. That’s partly because there are more cyclists — and drivers — on the road, and many of those roads haven’t gotten any safer. (Outside, Washington Post)
  • Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Dockless bike-shares that rushed into cities unannounced — promising cheaper and more flexible service — are now pulling out, but older docked bike companies that worked with regulators and citizens are still around. (Governing)
  • L.A. Metro is considering taxing Uber and Lyft in an effort to reverse a 20-percent drop in transit ridership over the past five years. Metro officials say the ride-hailing apps are undercharging for their services, thus competing unfairly with buses and trains and causing congestion. (CBS LA)
  • Way to go, Philly cops! The Inquirer reports that Philadelphia police are cracking down on bad drivers, while enforcement against pedestrians and cyclists declined last year. Tickets for bike-lane infractions increased eightfold last year.
  • GoTriangle, the group behind the proposed Durham-Orange, N.C. light rail line, says Duke has been throwing up one roadblock after another. The university’s board of trustees has until today to decide whether to get onboard. If it doesn’t, the project might be dead, because it needs Duke-owned land. (Raleigh News & Observer) As Streetsblog reported yesterday, the university is under pressure from faculty who are concerned about climate change to allow the rail line to move forward.
  • Rhode Island is a blue state, but it definitely ain’t green when it comes to prioritizing the  automobile. (eco RI)
  • A Seattle resident visited Atlanta, got addicted to e-scooters and wondered what her hometown is waiting for. (The Stranger) But be careful what you wish for: Lime scooters’ front wheels are locking while going downhill in Atlanta, causing injuries. (Curbed, Reporter Newspapers)
  • The “Barnacle Bike” that mysteriously reappeared at a Manhattan docking station covered in shells is the talk of New York. Could it be some sort of art project? Or is a Citi Bike serial killer on the loose? (Gothamist)