Monday’s Headlines

  • Remember playing in the streets and scattering when a car came by? Pittsburgh residents are exploring new ways for pedestrians to share the streets with vehicles. And they’re not alone: It’s happening in the UK and the Netherlands, too. (Public Source)
  • A new Lyft carpooling service offers riders the app’s lowest prices if they’re willing to walk a few blocks to be picked up and after they get out. (Fortune)
  • A town hall meeting on the Durham-Orange, N.C. light rail line aimed to bring Duke University back into the fold (Chronicle), but new opposition is cropping up (Daily Tarheel).
  • Metro Transit has rolled out the Twin Cities’ first electric bus in advance of a new bus rapid transit line that starts service in June. (Star Tribune)
  • Talks between the Trump Administration and California to resolve a dispute over the EPA’s effort to relax tailpipe emissions and fuel economy standards have broken down. Next stop, the courts. (Governing)
  • Get ready for Phase II of the Seattle Squeeze: Hundreds of downtown buses will be rerouted from a tunnel to surface streets. (Post-Intelligencer)
  • Lime is pulling all of its bikes from eight Bay Area cities (KCBS) and Rockford, Ill. (Star) and wants to replace them with scooters. Dockless bike-shares are also pulling out of Great Britain, leading the Guardian to wonder if they can ever be sustainable?
  • A Tennessean columnist who railed against reckless e-scooter drivers has changed his mind. Now he says Nashville’s problem is unsafely designed streets.
  • Shockingly, Ohio drivers want better roads, but don’t want to pay for them. (Dayton Daily News)