Thursday’s Headlines

  • Riding the bus will make you healthier. A new study found a correlation between mass transit ridership and lower obesity rates. Just walking to and from the bus stop is more exercise than driving, explained the study’s co-author. (Science Daily)
  • The Texas DOT — apparently stuck in the 1950s — wants to widen I-30 through Dallas and destroy more neighborhoods. This time, though, the city is pushing back with its own plans for bike and pedestrian connections, greenspace and rail or bus rapid transit. (D Magazine)
  • Once again, Pinellas County, Fla., is woefully underfunding transit, one St. Petersburg city councilman writes in a Tampa Bay Times op-ed.
  • Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is pushing to ban drivers from turning right on red in an effort to slow traffic and make streets safer for pedestrians. (Civil Beat)
  • Congestion pricing could help pay for transit improvements for the 2028 Summer Olympics in L.A. (Daily Bruin)
  • Oklahoma City’s new streetcar will start running on Sundays — and start charging riders a fare. (KFOR)
  • A Seattle City Council member objects to Mayor Jenny Durkin’s decision to revive the over-budget Center City Connector streetcar project. (KING)
  • Two main thoroughfares in Alexandria, Va. — Duke and Van Dorn — are getting a Complete Streets makeover. (The Zebra)
  • Cincinnati is painting big signage and stepping up enforcement to keep car drivers out of the city’s first bus-only lane. (City Beat) And Albuquerque is about to start ticketing drivers who park in bike lanes. (KUNM)
  • A hit-and-run driver hit a man with his pickup in San Jose, Calif. Four more drivers then proceeded to run over his body as it lay in the street. He was pronounced dead at the scene. (San Jose Inside)
  • Stop trying to make flying cars happen! They’re not going to happen! (The Atlantic)

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