Thursday’s Headlines

  • After an uptick in traffic deaths, the Washington Post editorial board called on, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration to get serious about Vision Zero.
  • Seventy years of taxpayer-subsidized, auto-centric sprawl have created a nation of clogged highways, urban decay, segregated neighborhoods, obesity, loneliness, isolation and ugliness. (AMP)
  • Houston keeps on building freeways, freeways and more freeways, and by 2020 they’ll include special lanes for autonomous vehicles, according to the founder of a conservative think tank. (Chronicle)
  • Although Gwinnett County has yet to formally join the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority after decades of resistance — a referendum is scheduled for March — the suburban county has already purchased land for its first MARTA train station. (AJC)
  • Officials in Fort Worth, Texas (Star-Telegram) and Spokane, Wash. (Spokesman-Review) are worried about the federal shutdown’s effect on transit service.
  • Mobility Lab’s top five articles of 2018 covered Danish biking habits, transit in pop culture, how people make transportation choices, demolishing freeways and a bus redesign in Seoul.
  • Seattle will add 800 new bike racks in 2019. (KIRO)
  • The Washington Post offers 11 ways to solve climate change — but the long read is being slammed for ignoring the biggest positive change: transit! (WashPo)
  • Oslo, Norway, is the latest city to restrict cars in the city center, and much like smoking inside, the New York Times suggests we’ll look back and wonder why it was ever allowed in the first place. Our friends at Streetsblog NYC offered a look back at the good ol’ days before on-street car storage.
  • ICYMI: Frustrated with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s trains, a group of Boston residents formed a group called TransitMatters to push for improvements — and it’s working. (Politico Magazine)
  • A Cincinnati driver was charged with aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene after jumping the curb and hitting a 2-year-old in a stroller, putting the boy in a coma. (WLWT)

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  1. I was pretty surprised to find out that the A in AMP stands for Arkansas. I moved away from Arkansas because I was tired of the car-dependent lifestyle. I honestly don’t see any of the cities within the state moving away from that structure anytime soon but it’s nice to see some folks in Arkansas get that we need to move away from car-dependent cities and towns.

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