Friday’s Headlines

  • Like many cities, Charleston, S.C., swapped out its trolleys for buses 80 years ago, which proved to be a mistake. Recent decades have seen several failed efforts to bring passenger rail back to the now-traffic-choked city. (Post and Courier)
  • An Atlanta program that promised to fix hundreds of roads, bridges and sidewalks is $410 million short. So what gets cut? (Saporta Report)
  • Consultants will recommend that security guards on St. Louis’ MetroLink rail system spend more time on trains and less on platforms to address a perception of crime that’s contributed to a drop in ridership. (Post-Dispatch)
  • Downtown San Antonio’s sidewalk problems make it hard for people in wheelchairs to get around. The city is working on a sidewalk master plan and recently hired a pedestrian mobility officer. (News4SA)
  • The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority will have to dip into reserves to avoid bus service cuts in Cincinnati next year. (WCPO)
  • It sounds like the 280,000 “yellow vest” protesters in France are angry about more than just the price of gas. But what? (City Lab)
  • Are shoppers even using all that parking on the busiest retail day of the year? Strong Towns wants people to post photos of underutilized lots on Black Friday to combat minimum parking requirements.