Thursday’s Headlines Before We Take the Day Off

Officially, StreetsblogUSA’s office is closed to mark our national feast day, but here are a couple of headlines just to get you going. Enjoy the holiday (and stay out of cars!):

  • Thanksgiving is a massive travel day, with 54 million people in motion (89 percent of them in cars). Check out the live flight radar on or stare at CNN’s live travel blog if you want to be that guy who knows every glitch. And read Fox News if you want to listen to complaints that high gas prices are a problem. Tech Crunch figured out where traffic will be at its worst. Meanwhile, Portsmouth, N.H. promises that its new protected bike lane will be removed just in time for Thanksgiving. (SeacoastOnline)
  • Do you love the Brooklyn Bridge? Well, maybe New York City should ban cars on it — you know, because they catch fire sometimes. (WABC7)
  • The Federal Transit Administration has agreed to kick in $1.2 billion for Seattle’s Lynnwood light rail line, which will carry an estimated 68,000 riders daily along one of the city’s most congested corridors. (Seattle Times)
  • San Diego is considering a policy to require property owners to fix damaged sidewalks before selling the property. The city has a $39 million backlog and has paid out $11 million over the last five years to injured people who sued. (Union-Tribune)
  • Lyft is dropping scooters in Nashville (Tennessean) and launching a bike-share in Seattle (My Northwest).