Tuesday’s Headlines

  • The federal Title VI establishes a baseline for transit agencies to provide service to people of color and low-income communities. If transit systems are going to become more equitable, Title VI needs beefing up. (Next City)
  • Two suburban Milwaukee bus lines established by a 2014 settlement after a new interchange blocked access to jobs for carless city residents are about to run out of money. (Journal Sentinel)
  • Truckers have sued the Pennsylvania DOT over transit subsidies funded by Turnpike tolls. The DOT has continued to make the payments by putting off capital projects. (Post-Gazette)
  • A San Francisco supervisor is seeking to repeal parking minimums for new developments, saying they bring too many cars into the city. (Examiner)
  • The 22-mile walking, biking and (someday) transit loop called the Beltline could save Atlanta from sprawl — if its gentrification problem is solved. (The Guardian)
  • Cincinnati’s ousted city manager promised to fix the city’s embattled streetcar to avoid being fired, providing evidence that bureaucratic mismanagement has a played a role in the streetcar’s poor performance. (WCPO)
  • The number of bike commuters in New Orleans has doubled in the past eight years as the city has become more bike-friendly. (The Advocate)
  • Burlington, Vt. is the latest city to embrace Complete Streets. (Wicked Local)
  • Holy concrete, Batman! A “sidewalk vigilante” in suburban Tampa is marking broken sidewalks with spray paint and caution tape. Hillsborough County has a seven-year backlog of sidewalk repairs. (WFLA)