Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Daily trips on the D.C. Metro have fallen by 125,000 over the past decade, leading to a downward spiral of cuts and more lost riders. Yet board members are unwilling to commit to beefing up service. (Next City)
  • Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley has bowed to bikelash and ended his downtown bike-lane experiment two weeks early. (Capital Gazette)
  • A study found that not all Minneapolis drivers are following state law by giving cyclists a three-foot buffer, a likely factor in the more than 800 collisions between bikes and cars last year. (Star Tribune)
  • Seattle has embraced dockless bikes but is wary of e-scooters, and no one can really figure out why. There are safety concerns, but on the other hand, a lot of people who won’t bike will try scooters. (Seattle Times)
  • Honolulu is considering banning bikes and skateboards from sidewalks. Folks on foot feel threatened by them, but those on wheels think it’s too dangerous to ride in the road. (KHON)
  • Where is Elaine Chao? A Politico investigation found that the transportation secretary has an unusual amount of “private” time on her schedule.
  • College kids crave cars: The University of Georgia has nine parking decks (as well as city and campus bus systems), but that’s not enough to keep students from whining about not being able to find a parking space or how much it costs (Red & Black). The University of Kentucky has added 2,000 parking spaces over the last four years and is building 500 more. (Kernel)
  • Kansas City is adding a temporary bike and scooter lane to a street that’s notorious for speeding drivers. (KSHB)
  • Data collected by dockless bike companies is helping cities decide where to put bike infrastructure. (Technology Review)
  • If you run out of toilet paper, can you go out to buy more without a car? If so, your neighborhood is walkable. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • And finally, cyclists in Toronto have come up with a novel way to keep cars away from them!

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