Tuesday’s Headlines

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has tapped a Georgia Power executive to head up a new board — dubbed “the ATL,” for Atlanta Transit Link Authority, which would have been cool 20 years ago — that will coordinate MARTA and other transit agencies in the 13-county metro area. (AJC)

Whether it’s a rail line or bus-only lane doesn’t matter — the key to successful transit is dedicated right of way so that riders aren’t stuck in the same traffic as cars, according to Austin’s Capital Metro. But the agency doesn’t control public roads. (Monitor)

The Globe and Mail describes how Toronto used data collected from smartphones and Bluetooths to help its streetcars move faster.

Reeling from a string of violent crimes, Bay Area Rapid Transit is looking into facial recognition software. But it’s moving slowly, passing a regulation requiring public input before expanding use of the technology. (Government Technology)

President Trump, the self-described “King of Debt” as a New York developer, quarreled with other Republicans and his own administration over how much to borrow for his $1 trillion infrastructure plan. (Axios)

Paris is banning cars for a day Oct. 16 to prove it’s possible to move around the city without driving. (Fast Company)

Solo drivers account for 60 percent of downtown Minneapolis commuters drive alone. The city hopes to cut car trips 37 percent by 2040 with its plan for transit and walkable neighborhoods. (Star Tribune)

A mean beat up a mother and daughter in San Antonio because he said they took his parking spot. (Fox 45)

A bike advocate says Philadelphia should hire more crossing guards and raise their pay. (Inquirer)