Monday’s Headlines

  • Seattle’s City Center streetcar, which Mayor Jenny Durkin seems hell-bent on canceling, is essential to connecting Seattle’s two existing streetcar lines. Without it, it will continue to underperform. (Crosscut)
  • Nashville’s public housing agency is subsidizing parking for downtown luxury apartment developers. (Tennessean)
  • Three current and former Arizona elected officials get behind south Phoenix light rail and warn readers not to let oil interests like the Koch brothers threaten it. (Republic)
  • Latching onto recent research showing cities where people use transit more often tend to have safer streets, the Las Vegas Sun says a proposed light rail line will make Vegas streets safer as well.
  • Orlando is considering regulations on dockless bike-shares, which would open the door for a company to come in and operate. (Sentinel)
  • Lax law enforcement, incompetent drivers, lack of infrastructure, all-around hatred of bikes: Miami has all the ingredients for dockless bike-sharing to fail. (Herald)
  • The scooter wars spread to Cincinnati. (WCPO)
  • Annapolis’s controversial experiment with bike lanes downtown will end Oct. 19, after which the city will decide whether to keep them. (Capital Gazette)
  • ICYMI: Transit agencies are redeveloping parking lots around stations into apartments, creating both much-needed affordable housing and new customers. (Transit Center)
  • France is well behind the rest of Europe when it comes to cycling, and wants to triple the number of people who bike by investing in bike lanes, offering incentives to bike commuters and new security measures to prevent bike theft. (Reuters)

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