Today’s Headlines

  • Shuster Bill Would Fund Highways With New Taxes, Including One on Bike Tires (Bloomberg)
  • Cranks Come Out Against Cincinnati Parking Refoms (Enquirer)
  • Two Dockless Bike-Share Companies Leave D.C. Market (WAMU)
  • Singapore Business Professor Diagnoses Mistakes of Bike-Share Companies (CNBC)
  • Baltimore Bike-Share Suffers From Lack of Maintenance (Fishbowl)
  • Incremental Solutions for City Streets’ Safety Crisis (Strong Towns)
  • Seattle Streetcar Ridership Has Been Flat for Two Years (KUOW)
  • Federal Judge Won’t Halt I-630 Construction in Arkansas (Fox 16)
  • PC Mag Column: Streets Are for Cars and Cars Only

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  1. >Cranks Come Out Against Cincinnati Parking Refoms

    Distributing permits by lottery is like distribute connection to municipal water pipe by lottery for the sake of water conservation. If you didn’t win (this year?) you can walk half a mile to the nearest hydrant or move out.

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