Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Texting Drivers, Not Texting Walkers, Make Streets Dangerous (Curbed)
  • Friends of Cyclist Killed by Driver Take on L.A. Car Culture (NYT)
  • The D.C. Metro Was So Unsafe in 2016 Feds Almost Shut It Down (WaPo)
  • Durham-Orange Light Rail Still Faces $57M Funding Gap (News & Observer)
  • Uber Tries to Convince London Court It’s Changed (Fortune, Quartz, Reuters)
  • What Has Uber Done to Rebuild Its Tarnished Image? (CNBC)
  • New App Is One-Stop Shop for Buying Transit Tickets (Fast Company)
  • Texas Towns Will Build Bike Path After Drivers Killed Three Cyclists (MRT)
  • Hartford Courant Thanks Florida Gov Rick Scott for Connecticut’s New Rail Line
  • Irish Minister Calls Parking Cars in Bike Lanes “Unacceptable” (Irish Times)

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