Today’s Headlines

  • More From the NTSB Investigation of Fatal Uber Self-Driving Car Crash (NPRPBS)
  • Wired Doesn’t Think California Should Regulate Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Before Cars, Streets Were Designed for Everyone and Everything (ATL Urbanist)
  • Tampa Was Slow to Fix Street Where Driver Killed Mom and Child in Crosswalk (Times)
  • Minnesota Transit Falls Behind Peers (Star Tribune)
  • Buffalo, Other Upstate NY Cities Pass Vision Zero Policies (WGRZ)
  • Harrisburg, PA, Residents Want Drivers to Slow Down (ABC 27)
  • Metro Profiles Philadelphia Woman Fighting for Safer Streets
  • Little Rock Streetcar Will Be Free Over Memorial Day Weekend (Democrat-Gazette)
  • Dockless Scooter Hunting: Side Hustle or Scam? (CityLab)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Once again Angie makes up false headlines for sensational purposes (Wired’s opposition to CA regs). I wonder if she even read the article, because it doesn’t reflect her claim, at all. The article points out the flaw in AZ being hands-off and the the problems (including a fatal crash) that resulted. The article also points out that pooled/shared trips would be prohibited, which is a big bugaboo of Angie’s as well; the inefficiency and congestion generated by single occupant trips. Thus the regs that people apparently should embrace are at cross-purposes to her own values.

    Here’s a thought Angie; use the actual headline and stop trying to manipulate the stories.

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