Talking Headways Podcast: Innovation at LA Metro

LA Metro CEO Phil Washington joins the podcast this week to discuss new developments in Los Angeles transit. Listen in and hear about Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation, the potential for autonomous buses, microtransit pilot programs, and new fare media, as well as the links between affordable housing production and transit.


Seattle Transit Agencies Move Toward Mobile Ticketing

We have the technology to make transit fare payment faster and more convenient. Agencies around the world are making progress on fare collection innovations that improve riders' experience -- with benefits like shorter trip times, getting more transit trips for your buck, and demystifying the process of buying a fare for new riders.

Today’s Headlines

Campaign for Detroit’s $4.6 Billion Transit Ballot Measure Begins (Detroit News) Many in D.C. Area Remain in Denial as Metro’s Big Rebuild Begins (WaPo) Meanwhile, Metro Woes Add Fuel to Fire of Purple Line Legal Fight (WaPo) Three Converging Threats to Today’s Auto Industry (Vox) Connecticut Plans Development Around BRT (WNPR) GGW: Instead of Buses Flying Over Traffic Jams, Let’s Not […]

Houston FTW: Transit Execs Aim to Fix Sorry Bus Stops

The lousy state of American bus stops is a serious problem. Transit riders say bad waiting environments are one of their top concerns, according to a recent survey and report by TransitCenter [PDF]. That’s why Streetsblog is highlighting some of the sorriest bus stops in the nation this month. Poor walking conditions and uncomfortable bus stops are not just the transit agency’s responsibility. Local governments and […]