Today’s Headlines

  • Nashville Will Stay Stuck in Traffic: Transit Referendum Goes Down By Large Margin (Tennessean)
  • Columbus’s First Protected Bike Lane Draws More Cyclists (Dispatch)
  • Minneapolis Seeing a Boom in Walkable Urban Grocery Stores (City Pages)
  • Charlotte Faces Challenges Retrofitting Industrial Area for Pedestrians (Agenda)
  • Cambridge City Council Votes to Prioritize Bike Safety After Activists Stage Massive Rally (Day)
  • Hit-and-Run Drivers Killed 2,000 People in Texas in 2016 (WOIA)
  • Even Seattle Bike Lanes Aren’t Immune From Bloated Costs (Seattle Times)
  • Richmond BRT Will Start Running June 24 (Times-Dispatch)
  • Dallas Mayor Pro Tem: Dockless Bike-Share ‘Out of Control’ (NBCDFW)
  • Next City: Dockless Bike-Share Here to Stay

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Re: Nashville.
    You guys pushed this thing so hard I thought this was a Nashville news blog for the last month.
    Voters decided they’d rather keep more of their had earned money than buy into transit while the rest of the nation moves away from it.

  2. Hit-and-Run Drivers Killed 2,000 People in Texas in 2016
    That can’t be correct, can it? Or do Texans leave the scene more often than not? I would expect perhaps 3000 total highway fatalities statewide.

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