Today’s Headlines

  • Mayors Want Feds to Match 50 Percent of Infrastructure Project Costs (CityLab)
  • Charlotte’s Blue Line Light Rail Extension Opens Friday (Observer, WFAE)
  • Houston Paying the Price for Focusing on Freeways Over Transit (KPRC)
  • Massachusetts Transit Authorities Face State Budget Cuts (MassLive)
  • Without Regional Cooperation, Detroit Should Act on Transit Alone (Model D)
  • Workers Park on Sidewalk Near Jacksonville School, Forcing Kids Into Road (News4Jax)
  • Separated Bike Lanes Will Help Philadelphia Drivers, Too (Philly Mag)
  • Cleveland Transit Advocates Rally for Funding and Equity (Scene)
  • Pittsburgh BRT Could Lead to Steep Cuts on Other Routes (WESA)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “Mayors want boatloads of cash from the feds. Film at 11.”

    This idea that vast quantities of cash need to be laundered through the federal government is very odd. Why suck up funds at such a high rate, then pick and choose who gets the money doled back out again?
    Why not tax at a higher rate locally and allow *local* governments to select which projects are funded?
    I’m glad we’re moving in that direction with the cut backs in TIGER and other federal programs. It’s stupid that people sitting in DC are deciding which bridges and roads and bike lanes to build in Kentucky, California and Alaska.

  2. Well, the thing about TIGER is that the projects are in progress locally already. So from the mayors’ perspective it’s just “free” federal money that helps them move forward.

    Agree that overall more local control is better. I think that is where we’re headed with successful major funding referendums in Seattle, LA, etc.

  3. I’d be all about that. I have zero problems with bonds or temporary (ha) property taxes to fix and build locally.
    I do have problems paying federal taxes for a bridge rebuild in bumscrew, and in turn they’re using local money to build an NFL stadium.
    That sorta thing pisses me off.

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