Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Wants to Bigfoot Cities and States With New Industry-Friendly Autonomous Car Rules (Slate)
  • Meanwhile, in Taiwan: Autonomous Bus Test Carrying Passengers on University Campus (NYT)
  • Heavy Rail Doesn’t Grab “Future of Transportation” Headlines, But It Isn’t Going Anywhere (WaPo)
  • Cities Asking If Their Transit Is Good Enough for Amazon: Be Wary of Bad Transit Investments (CityLab)
  • Philadelphia Unveils Vision Zero Action Plan (, PlanPhilly, Philly Voice, Curbed)
  • Downtown Columbus Land Owners Vote for Tax to Fund Bus Passes for Residents, Workers (Dispatch)
  • Boston Globe Goes House-Hunting in Pricey Urban Core, Seems Most Concerned About Lack of Parking
  • TriMet Wants $1.7 Billion Ballot Measure Next Year for Southwest Light Rail, Other Projects (Oregonian)
  • Jacksonville Man Says He Was Racially Profiled, Fights Jaywalking Ticket (News4Jax)
  • TB Times Columnist Drinks Hyperloop Kool-Aid; Elon Musk Has Another Bridge to Sell You (Verge)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. I admit that it’s an interesting concept, using rockets to travel across the globe. As you’d expect, the significant acceleration and deceleration time means that travel time is similar regardless of distance because very little time is spent cruising at that impressive 18,000mph. I would also expect access to the launch facility to double or triple the travel time, though it could still be convenient. High cost and low passenger numbers are unlikely to make this a crowded airport-like experience. Now for that carbon footprint…

  2. Now Philly is going full-tilt in it’s effort to ticket safe drivers and force people to NOT do business in the city. Brilliant liberalism! I am sure it will work. Not!

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