Today’s Headlines

  • Twin Cities Approve Deals With Freight Railroads Clearing the Way for Southwest Light Rail (Strib)
  • Congestion Pricing Is Fairer for the Poor Than Free Roads (Michael Manville/Medium)
  • Here’s What the Nashville Chamber Wants to See in the City’s Big Transit Plan (Tennessean)
  • Chicago Metra Elevates Chief Mechanical Officer to CEO Post (Tribune)
  • Trump White House Sends a Signal to Its Motor-Loving Base (Washingtonian)
  • Envy Overcomes a New York Transit Rider in London (Business Insider)
  • Savannah Morning News: More Bike Lanes Please
  • Palm Beach Metering More Parking Spots, Raising Prices Downtown (Palm Beach Post)
  • …So Is Auburn, Georgia (WRBL)
  • The Campaign to Memorialize Branden Klayko as a Louisville Hometown Hero (Courier-Journal)

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