Today’s Headlines

  • Can Neighbors Stop Colorado From Expanding a Hated Denver Highway? (Governing)
  • Denver’s Airport Train One Year In: Some Glitches But Strong Ridership, says RTD (Denver Post)
  • The Man With All the Answers, Elon Musk, Can’t Figure Out His Employee Parking Lot (Wall Street Journal)
  • Support for Tolling Rises in Massachusetts (Planetizen)
  • Slate Reviews Richard Florida’s New Book
  • Consultants Predict That Driverless Cars Will Account for a Quarter of Traffic By 2030 (Bloomberg)
  • Find Out How Much Your City Will Lose Under Proposed HUD Cuts (National Low Income Housing Coalition)

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. and the same news is available from other outlets. the cliff note version. too many of his management types drive to the office so the parking varlets can’t properly manage the excess. Obvious solution–a united airlines algorithm to see who gets to ride transit to an off site shuttle transfer point

    The other funny is the Tesla factory, which until 2 weeks ago had no tansit service. Mow that BART goes there the parking issue should take care of itself.

  2. On driverless cars. The real issue is what effect actual obedience of traffic laws will have. Can we eliminate the “entitled” uber/lyft/hipster/whoever who park in bus stops, drive way too fast for the surrounding traffic, constantly run red lights, etc? Will rogue hacker sell software workarounds to program these cars to behave as the drivers do now?

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