Today’s Headlines

  • Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Swindle Sounds Good to Chuck Schumer (Politico)
  • Is Elaine Chao Hedging on Trump’s Infrastructure Plan? (CNN)
  • Chao Lays Out Her Agenda for U.S. DOT; Wants to Weaken Environmental Protections (Politico)
  • Uber Belatedly Complies With Law, Ends Self-Driving Car Pilot in San Francisco (NYT)
  • Why Partially Automated Cars Are So Bad for Safety (The Hill)
  • San Francisco Adds a Protected Intersection (Streetsblog SF)
  • City Auditors Pan Kansas City’s Bike Plan: “Just Lines on a Map” (KC Star)
  • Mayors Explain Their Infrastructure Priorities (Fewer Highways) to Politico