Today’s Headlines

  • $200B in Transpo Money at Stake at U.S. Polls Today (WSJ)
  • The Hill Rounds Up the Top 10 Ballots to Watch
  • Will Atlanta Voters Double Down on the Streetcar? (Atlanta Mag)
  • Philly Transit Strike Ends in Time for Election Day in Battleground State (LA Times)
  • Lyft, Zipcar, Uber Offer Discounts for Voters (Consumerist)
  • How Inner-City Highways Hurt NY’s Mid-Sized Cities (D Mag)
  • Is DC Metro Safer Under Feds’ Oversight? (WAMU)
  • Density Central to San Diego Climate Fight (Next City)
  • New Orleans Considers Partnerships With Uber (Best of New Orleans)
  • Berlin’s Most Famous Street to Ban Cars (CityLab)

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