Today’s Headlines

  • Evidence That Lower-Income Americans Are Being Priced Out of Expensive Regions (WSJ)
  • Among Interventions CDC Recommends to Improve Health: Expanding Transit
  • Tesla’s Suburban Problem (Alex Steffen)
  • SEPTA Transit Workers Strike Begins Second Day in Philadelphia (WPVI)
  • Pistons to Return to Detroit, Reversing Sprawl Exodus (Detroit News)
  • Boston Bicyclists Take Safety Into Their Own Hands, Crowdfund Bike Lane Protection (GoFundMe)
  • Pueblo, Colorado, to Spend $30,000 to Remove Bike Lanes (KRDO)
  • Republicans Don’t Even Try to Win Cities Anymore (NYT)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Re: Tesla,

    Companies with an environment conscious mission have a tendency to optimize what is already good. Think things like bamboo bicycles, vegan mayo, and all electric cars.

    The worse something is, the more you can gain by optimizing it. Things like the suburban house, pay day lending, and diesel powered long haul trucking.

    Tesla has done what every good socially conscious, environmentally friendly company should do: Marketed towards those who need to change the most. Hit ’em where it helps: luxury cars that can smoke supercars in a drag race for those with the money to buy a thrill, and home (clean) energy generation to bring in the “preppers”.

    Me? I’ll be over here eating my Just Mayo, and trying to figure out how to “disrupt” for profit prisons.

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