Today’s Headlines

  • The High Prices of Big-City Living Aren’t Good for Anyone (New Yorker)
  • Biden to Announce New Funding for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (AP)
  • Japan Gives $2M for DC-Washington High-Speed Rail Study (Washington Biz Journal)
  • Seattle Light Rail Sees 76% Increase in Ridership (Seattle PI)
  • GGW: Can the DC Metro Achieve the Culture Change It Needs?
  • With Cheap Gas, Americans Are Driving More (CS Monitor)
  • Tennessee Lawmakers Ask for Foxx’s Help With Funding Mixup (Tennessean)
  • Time Running Out to Save Twin Cities Light Rail Project (StarTrib)
  • Should Downtown Dallas Go for Subway Instead of Light Rail? (Morning News)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Heh, Japan trusts Hogan? Baltimore-DC is already like half an hour on Acela.

    (Correction: DC-Baltimore, not DC-Washington.)

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