Today’s Headlines

  • Judge Orders Another Study that Could Jeopardize D.C.’s Purple Line (Bethesda Magazine)
  • Some SEPTA Regional Rail Cars Will Be Returned to Service Soon (WPVI)
  • Key Suburban Leaders Say They Won’t Campaign for Detroit’s Regional Transit Tax (Detroit News)
  • Study Finds a Price Premium for Walkable Housing (Builder Online)
  • McDonalds Testing “Walk-Through Lanes” for Pedestrians (WKBW)
  • Broward County Wins $11 Million for Bike and Pedestrian Projects (Sun Sentinel)
  • Grand Rapids Added 80 Miles of Bike Lanes in the Last Six Years (Rapid Growth Media)
  • Urban Land Institute on How to Zone for Affordable Housing

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. It is not DC’s Purple Line. It is solely in the state of Maryland. The Silverine is not DC’s. It is solely in Virginia. These economic development engines are not part of Washington, DC. Downtown DC is but a small part of the regional economy even though the “city” people want us to believe otherwise.

  2. The Purple Line is entirely within Maryland and will be operated by the Maryland Transit Administration, and will in no way at all enter the Federal District of Columbia.

  3. The Silver Line takes people directly to downtown DC and is operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority… It is absolutely DC’s in part, as well as Maryland’s, though Virginia took the lead in developing it and the new stations are all located there.

    The Purple Line, yes, that’s all Maryland.

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