Today’s Headlines

  • “Let Detroit Vote for Better Transit,” Advocates Tell Obstructionist Politicians (Detroit Free Press)
  • Large Congressional Delegation Wants Smarter Congestion Rules From U.S. DOT (T4A)
  • Study: Traffic Deaths Up in Cities That Turn Off Red Light Cameras (AP)
  • CityLab: The Way We Fund Sidewalks Is A Problem
  • Ford and MIT Collecting Data on Pedestrian Behavior for Self Driving Cars (Industry Week)
  • Study Highlights Risk Streetcar Tracks Pose to Cyclists (Treehugger)
  • Austin May Be Considering a High-Frequency Network for Buses (Austin Monitor)
  • Real Estate Study: Atlanta’s MARTA Good for Business (Curbed)
  • DART Holding Meetings to Expand Streetcar (DART)