Today’s Headlines

  • “Let Detroit Vote for Better Transit,” Advocates Tell Obstructionist Politicians (Detroit Free Press)
  • Large Congressional Delegation Wants Smarter Congestion Rules From U.S. DOT (T4A)
  • Study: Traffic Deaths Up in Cities That Turn Off Red Light Cameras (AP)
  • CityLab: The Way We Fund Sidewalks Is A Problem
  • Ford and MIT Collecting Data on Pedestrian Behavior for Self Driving Cars (Industry Week)
  • Study Highlights Risk Streetcar Tracks Pose to Cyclists (Treehugger)
  • Austin May Be Considering a High-Frequency Network for Buses (Austin Monitor)
  • Real Estate Study: Atlanta’s MARTA Good for Business (Curbed)
  • DART Holding Meetings to Expand Streetcar (DART)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Streetsblog should weigh in on the DNC logistics problems. It seems the dependence on Uber, and the use of hotels in suburbs instead of Center City, led to this crisis. But I’m sure it is more complicated than that, and not helped by protestors shutting down the transit system.

    One big takeaway for me: look how far the subway station walk is to the Wells Fargo arena, which is surrounded by enormous parking lots. Instead of placing the arena in the center of the parking lots, couldn’t they have moved the building next to the subway station and put all the parking on the south and east side of the property?

    More here….

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