Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx Appoints Special Adviser on DC Metro Oversight (WaPo)
  • Montgomery County, MD, Speeds Up and Waters Down Its BRT Plans (GGW)
  • Texas High-Speed Rail Fight Heads to Washington (Dallas Observer)
  • Inaugural “Better Bike-Share” Conference Takes Place in Philly Next Month (Next City)
  • Homeland Security Wants More Security Theater on Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Is a Transit Boom on the Way for Metro Detroit? (WDET)
  • Kansas City Works on TOD Policy to Snag Federal Funds (KSHB)
  • The “Uber Abstinent” Have Their Reasons (Vice Motherboard)
  • In Minnesota, Fieldwork Begins for Reviving Northern Lights Rail (StarTrib)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. regarding Security theater on Antrack. it’s just a scam to increase their budget. taking the train from Baltimore BWI to NYC is already an ordeal because of the dipshit security theater. Now these incompetant clowns want to make it even worse ?

    In Europe, one can pay cash to buy a one way train ticket that crosses a half dozen borders with no security louts treating you like a wanton criminal.

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