Today’s Headlines

  • Sprawl Contributing to Houston’s Horrible Flooding Problems (ABC News)
  • Transit Use Isn’t Surging; Driving Still Too Cheap (WaPo)
  • Feds Find 229 Safety Defects During D.C. Metro Inspection¬†(ABC News)
  • Did Light Rail Between Minneapolis and St. Paul Spur $4.2 Billion in Investment? (Pioneer Press)
  • Provo, Utah, Residents Trying to Block Bus Rapid Transit Project (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Plan for BRT to Suburban Milwaukee Meeting Suburban Resistance (Wauwatosa Now)
  • Residents Push Back Against Sprawl Outside of Baltimore (Baltimore Sun)
  • How to Speed Up Light Rail Plans in Seattle (The Stranger)
  • Money-Hungry Missouri DOT May Withhold Funds From Cities (Governing)