Today’s Headlines

  • Millennials Now “Buying Cars in Big Numbers” (AP)
  • Second Try: City-Only MARTA Expansion Bill Introduced in Georgia Statehouse (Business Journal)
  • U.S. DOT Considers Sleep-Testing Commercial Drivers (HME News)
  • Cincinnati Reviewing Its Protected Bike Lane Due to “Safety Concerns” (Fox19)
  • Charlotte Could Get a Protected Bike Lane (Fox46)
  • Sonoma Region Expected to Renew Anti-Sprawl Rules (Sonoma West)
  • Study: Natural Gas Cars Emit as Much as Gas Powered Cars (Inderscience via Politico)
  • Brookings: How Lyft and Uber Can Improve Transit Agencies’ Budgets

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Very poorly written article. The video mentions that the problems appears to be where two lanes of traffic suddenly turn into one with a parking lane, and the traffic is not aware nor warned enough ahead of time. It didn’t sound as if the bike lane were to blame at all. But the problem area wasn’t even recorded or discussed.

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