Today’s Headlines

  • How Equity Can Factor Into Downtown Revitalization (Next City)
  • Seattle’s the First U.S. City to Let Uber, Lyft Drivers Unionize (Seattle Times)
  • In The Hill, Former Transpo Secretaries Praise Bipartisan Bill
  • Connecticut Plays Key Role in Amtrak’s Scheme to Modernize (Hartford Courant)
  • Downtown Chicago Gets Its First BRT Corridor Next Week (Streetsblog Chicago)
  • U.S. Sees Mixed Results With Stimulus-Fueled Streetcar Projects (Bloomberg)
  • Why Urbanists Should Feel Good About Houston’s New Mayor (Next City)
  • The New DC Metro Chief’s Plans for Fixing a Troubled System (WaPo)
  • What a City’s Skyline Says About Its Energy Efficiency (MIT Tech Review)
  • San Diego Trib: Transit-Centric Growth Critical for Climate Plan
  • How Smart City Tech Could Combat Traffic Collisions (Tech Crunch)

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