Today’s Headlines

  • Street Life in Paris Is “Uncommonly Resilient” (New York Times)
  • Two Charts That Show Why India Desperately Needs to Promote Transit (
  • Is Hatred of Long Commutes Driving Gentrification? (CityLab)
  • Atlanta Burb: Distracted Driving Leading to “Large Increase” in Ped Injuries (Decatur Metro)
  • Cleveland News Station: Are Our Bike Lanes Backwards? (News Net 5)
  • Austin Named Gold-Level Bike-Friendly Community (Austin 360)
  • Louisville Bike Advocate Cited for Failing to Use Bike Lane (Wave 3)
  • In Montana, Amtrak Is an Important Source of Transit for the Elderly (Great Falls Tribune)
  • Vancouver Police Encouraging Pedestrians to Wear Reflective Clothing in the Rain (The Province)
  • One of America’s Most Car-Centric Cities (Indianapolis) “Ditches the Car” (Take Part)

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