Today’s Headlines

  • Seattle’s $930 Million Transportation Levy Will Get the Votes to Pass (Seattle Times)
  • House Rejects Amendment to Allow Heavier Trucks (The Hill)
  • Boulder’s NIMBY Ballot Measure “Goes Down in Flames” (Daily Camera)
  • Texas Votes Overwhelmingly to Approve Sales Tax to Pay for “Free” Highways (KERA News)
  • Utah’s Prop 1 Sales Tax for Transportation Failed (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Lots of Floor Votes Expected on 280 Amendments to House Transpo Bill (The Hill)
  • Lyft Launches Ad Campaign Promoting Itself as Last-Mile Solution
  • CityLab: Even on 20 MPH Streets, Design Matters
  • Texas Driver Who “Looked Away” Not Faulted for Killing Cyclist Riding for Veterans (