Today’s Headlines

  • Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grants Awarded to 21 Communities (
  • Ferguson Commission Report Recommends Better Transit, Among Other Interventions (Reuters)
  • Can Signs Advertising Nearby Destinations Encourage Walking? (
  • Seattle Transit Riders Union Pushing for Business Subsidies for Bus Service (NextCity)
  • Uber Could Be the First to Test Completely Driverless Cars in Public (IEEE Spectrum)
  • Suburban Twin Cities Resident Lashes Out at “Smug Urbanists” (Star Tribune)
  • American Society of Civil Engineers Spokesperson Says Ohio Needs a Higher Gas Tax (Plain Dealer)
  • Louisiana Paper Summarizes Randall O’Toole, Charles Marohn Debate (The Advertiser)
  • G1991

    The link to The Advertiser doesn’t lead to the article.