Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Takes Up House’s 3-Month Patch (WaPo, Roll Call)
  • Why Bankers Are Revolting Against Senate Bill (KGOU)
  • Obama Will Sign Extension, McConnell Still Pushing to Finish Senate Bill Before Recess (The Hill)
  • Boehner: We’ll Pass a Multi-Year Bill This Fall But Senate Bill Is “Piece of Sh*t” (The Hill, Politico)
  • Brookings: Suburban White Flight Is a Thing of the Past
  • South Carolina Embraces “Target Zero” (WLTX)
  • Three Years After the Failure of T-SPLOST, the State of Transportation in Metro Atlanta (Peach Pundit)
  • What a San Antonio Council Member Learned After Taking the Bus for a Month (TPR)
  • As Car-Sharing Gains in Popularity, Will Transit Lose Out? (News 1130)
  • Undersung Ped-Friendly Design Elements: Transparency and Imageability (CityLab)

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