Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. McConnell Says Bipartisan Transpo Plan Could Be Announced Tomorrow (Transport Topics)
  • Issues Tangled Up in Transpo: Obamacare, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Ex-Im Bank… (Nat Journal)
  • 81 Transit Groups Prod Congress for More Bus Funding (The Hill)
  • Call It a Car Crash, Not a Car “Accident” (Vox)
  • Will Caltrans Make Good on Its Ambitious Bike Goals? (SF Gate)
  • “Pope Passes” Crash Philadelphia’s Transit Ticket System (Post-Gazette)
  • How Motor City Has Evolved Beyond the Car (Model D)
  • DC Metro Gets New Fire/Rescue Liaison to Work on Safety (WaPo)
  • Self-Driving Cars Get Their Own Little City in Ann Arbor (WSJ, Detroit News)
  • Millennials Might Not Be Avoiding the Suburbs, But Postponing Them (D Mag)
  • Houston’s Road to Bikeability (Texas Observer)

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