Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Committee Quickly Approves Obama’s TSA Nominee (Politico)
  • House Protects Amtrak From Deeper Cuts (The Hill)
  • Bikes Poised to Become a “Pillar of Transportation” in Utah (Salt Lake Trib)
  • D.C. Delegation Fights for Metro Funding (WaPo)
  • Maryland Governor Likes What He Sees With High-Speed Rail in Japan (Baltimore Sun)
  • How Scott Kubly Is Helping Seattle Rethink City Streets (Grist)
  • Chicago Sun Times: Millennials Don’t Need All Those Parking Spaces
  • Massachusetts Governor Tries to Avert Another Winter Nightmare for Boston’s T (Boston Globe)
  • Light Rail Doesn’t Always Bring Down Bus Ridership (Planetizen)
  • All Aboard Florida Plans Mixed Uses for Ft. Lauderdale Station (Sun Sentinel)
  • Will PG County’s New Medical Center Create a More Walkable Downtown? (GGW)
  • Bolwerk

    People’s anti-transit hangups can be absurd. Why would light rail automagically bring down bus ridership? Healthy transit systems have routes that feed each other, not routes that cannibalize each other.

    It’s not like installing a light rail system means the equipment needs to be thrown out either. It can be used to experiment with new routes.