Today’s Headlines

  • Maryland Cutting Tolls for Truckers While Governor Pleads Poverty on Transit Projects (WBAL11)
  • Connecticut’s New CTFastrak BRT Surpasses First Year Ridership Goal in Five Weeks (FoxCT)
  • Where Millennials Can Afford to Buy Homes — Mostly the Midwest Zillow
  • Brookings Analyzes Employment in Infrastructure
  • What Really Happened to America’s Streetcars (Vox)
  • Smart Growth Seattle: Why We Don’t Need Rent Control
  • Paris Wants to Take the Seine Back From Cars (CityLab)


Thursday’s Headlines

In New York City, a video of police arresting a woman selling churros on the subway went viral. A fare hike in Chile sparked a massive movement against inequality. Protests in Hong Kong are also centered around transportation, and protesters in London tried to disrupt subway service. Why is transit so closely tied to social […]
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MassDOT Wants A Highway Over the Charles River?

The MassDOT is making plans to install a four-lane, 2,000-foot-long highway above the Charles River for the duration of a construction project that is anticipated to last a decade. As the state highway agency prepares to file for permits for its “Allston Multimodal Project,” state officials are honing conceptual construction staging plans for the project’s […]

Wednesday’s Headlines

A National Transportation Safety Board report issued Tuesday blames Uber’s disregard for self-driving cars’ safety risks and a distracted backup driver for a killing a woman who was crossing the street in Arizona last year, and calls for tightening oversight of autonomous vehicles on public roads (Bloomberg, CNET). That’s sure to be a topic of […]