Yes, Cops Park in the Bike Lane for Emergency Pizza Runs

Ever suspect that the officer who parked a squad car in the bike lane, forcing you to swerve into traffic, isn’t really on pressing police business? Stick around and you might get proof.

A Buffalo cyclist captured this short clip showing an officer returning to his bike lane-blocking vehicle with what appears to be some pizza, hot and fresh out of the oven.

The footage seems to have struck a nerve, with half a million views since it was posted less than two weeks ago. The video also got the attention of local news outlet WBIV, which reports that Buffalo police are “investigating it internally”:

  • RW

    This is extremely common in Chicago. I routinely see the police parked in bike lanes in front of 7-11’s across the city. Once I confronted a police officer parked in front of the post office. The conversation didn’t go well. You can see the video here: . At least around here, the police act above the law.

  • EastBayer

    They also routinely park in areas in advance of crosswalks where parking is prohibited to increase visibility. News flash: just because the car obstructing your vision is a police car doesn’t make it any safer….

  • Boo

    is anyone shocked?

  • jd_x

    I don’t know what further proof we need that cops are incredibly biased against cyclists and hence we can never trust their opinion when it comes to an incident with a cyclist. Seems like some bike coalitions should start suing police departments. What law does the cop think says it’s okay to park in a bike lane for a non-emergency if you put your hazards on? Oh, so the hazards mitigate the risk you expose the cyclists to who are forced into traffic? These guys have serious pyschological problems due to the power trip their position gives them, to the point they think they can just get away with making laws up if anybody criticizes them. I’m really happy people are getting the abuse of power by cops on video from incidents like this to much more severe ones like when they effectively execute somebody like in SC two weeks ago.

  • 66 City

    Now and then, I talk with cops. We should not leave them out of the conversations that happen (and need to happen) on the street. The more we talk to each other and to cops, the better our communities will be. The more we can speak with other on the street, as life is happening, the fewer situations we’ll have where shit escalates into confrontation, video clips, or courtrooms.


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