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  • Anthony Foxx: Transportation Funding Doesn’t Actually Run Out Until July (The Hill)
  • Austin’s Award-Winning Bus Signal System Only Works 15-20 Percent of the Time (
  • Portland Reforms TIF Districts (The Oregonian)
  • Atlanta’s MARTA Looking for Public Input on Rail Expansion Proposal (Progressive Railroading)
  • The Average U.S. Household Spends $800 a Month on Car-Related Expenses (Planetizen)
  • Connecticut’s New CTfastrak — Best Busway in America? (Medium)
  • Cycling Rates in Inner London Have Increased 144 Percent in the Last Decade (The Guardian)
  • Memphis Will Tear Out Newly Installed Bike Lanes (Memphis Daily News)
  • Boston Residents Like the One-Way Streets That Resulted From Heavy Snow (Globe)
  • Cincinnati Adjusting Parking Meter Rates Based on Demand (Enquirer)
  • DCs School Options Getting Better, But Getting Kids to School Is Harder (City Paper)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “What we want to do is make sure we have the best configuration, the best alignment possible considering everybody’s views. We are not going to abandon bike lanes.” – Mayor Wharton, Memphis

    Then why remove the bike lanes at all? He says there was “no measurable shift of vehicle traffic to alternate routes,” but what exactly does that mean? Does he mean in the city as a whole? Surely a single pair of bike lanes down Riverside Drive isn’t going to significantly shift modal share. Or does he mean traffic on Riverside Drive itself? Is congestion being taken into account since two lanes were taken away? I see no real harm in preserving the bike lanes expecting future use even if they are currently underutilized. Really this just seems to be an excuse to give those two lanes back to traffic.

  2. Horrible two car accident this morning on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills. One of the cars is completed crashed, caved in on one side. The other car, after hitting the caved in car, actually went over the island and ended on the opposite side of the boulevard. I don’t know if any pedestrians were hit. It does not look good for the driver and/or passenger in the smashed car. One of the drivers must have tried to beat the light or completely ignored it. The carnage in Forest Hills continues, or should I say allowed to continue. In this day and age of technology, there has to be a way to keep crossings safe. I wonder if it is time to have gates that close at busy junctures like they do at train crossings so as to control drivers as they can not be trusted to obey traffic rules voluntarily. sigh.

  3. I strongly doubt that this was an “accident.” It was almost undoubtedly an act of criminal negligence.

    So let’s start telling the truth and calling these crashes what they are: crimes of violence. And calling their perpetrators what they are: criminals.

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