Today’s Headlines

  • Mayors Team Up to Press Congress for Action on Transpo Bill (Mass Live)
  • Uncertainty on Bill Already Threatening Projects (The Hill)
  • Illinois Lawmakers Want Full Funding for Rail, Transit (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • GGW: Can the DC Metro System Restore the Public’s Trust?
  • Gov Malloy’s TOD Bill in Connecticut Will Get Retooled (WNPR)
  • In Philly, Transpo Issues Play Undeniable Role in Mayor’s Race (Next City)
  • First of Its Kind Streetcar Shipped to Dallas (Railway Age)
  • The “Death of Sprawl” Story is More Nuanced Than Meets the Eye (
  • Anchorage Bike Funding Went to Other Projects (Alaska Public Radio)
  • Lynne Abraham is almost comically clueless.

    “Abraham, a former D.A., said she could not support a proposed protected bike lane on the exceedingly wide and busy JFK Boulevard because many elderly people lived there who “could be injured or even killed by a speeding bicyclist.”

    I hope, for her sake and ours, that May 19 comes and goes quickly, and she can soon thereafter retire from public life in peace.