Today’s Headlines

  • D.C. Mayor Lays Out Action Plan for Transportation (WaPo, GGW)
  • Feds, MARTA Move Forward With Study of New 8.8-Mile Light Rail (Atlanta Biz Journal)
  • Texans Get Their First Glimpse of Potential High-Speed Rail Routes (Dallas News)
  • LA Times Thinks More Parking Is the Answer for City’s Rail Stations
  • In the Southwest, Long-Term Plan Emerges for Passenger Rail Network (RT&S)
  • Some Conservatives Embrace Urbanism, But Then It Falls on Deaf Ears (Grist)
  • D.C. to Baltimore at 311 MPH? (Bloomberg)
  • Small Towns Fail to Capture Millennials (NPR)
  • Will Norfolk’s Light Rail Connect to Neighborhoods, or Run Along Highways? (GGW)
  • Americans More Concerned About ISIS and Ebola Than a Much Bigger Threat: Traffic Violence (Vox)

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